The Black Onion was established in February 2016 by Todgi Dozier. The Black Onion's name derives from cultures globally using onions to flavor, season, and enhance palettes. The Black Onion offers to bring the same fresh pop of flavor to the Visual Arts. As onions have been an essential part of healing, The Black Onion puts the same spin on healing the imagination as art should be interpreted without judgment and with fair representation while advocating for  diverse people.
    The Black Onion curates art that educates and advocates for unity amongst all people. The pieces represented and created by The Black Onion feature current events, cultural history, and imaginative concepts.
    Looking at these pieces, you shouldn't be concerned with whether or not your interpretation is wrong. It is my hope that you find something in the pieces that speak to you, that help you free your mind, and that inspire you to think about how you can shift the world positively.
     My desire is that we realize that art helps inspire you to make the world a more peaceful, radical, free thinking, and colorful place.  I hope that my dream and imagination driven pieces inspire you to love your neighbor, find love within, and acknowledge that no one human has all the correct answers to life.
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